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If you have ever tried to improve your game while out on the course, then you have certainly also had to come to a point where you decide it is time to get your golf putting game as advanced as the rest of your play. But putting in golf is often considered one of the more difficult aspects of the game for a reason. It tends to require incredible precision and a commitment to a putting technique that is crafted through repetition and time. If you are interested in becoming the best golfer you can be by improving your short game, then be sure to read the expert putting tips presented by our team of professionals and avid players at the Deer Creek Golf Club below. Our team’s suggestions for how to putt in golf easier than ever come from personal and outside improvements that can be put into practice at our golf course in Broward County

How to Putt Better Through Improved Technique 

Putting tips to improve your short game is similar to the advice you would get for improving other aspects of your golfing technique, such as putting stance, force, speed, and the like, all of which go into making the perfect putt. Our team recommends following a general guideline while slowly calibrating it to fit your particular style and preferences. Remember that this will come with time and develop naturally, so do not force it, just let it happen. The general putting advice for getting the basics down perfectly includes:

  • Allowing the origin of the force and aim to come from the hands, not the arms. If you are a seasoned golfer this may seem a bit odd, but the short game has always had its quirks. 
  • Keep your wrists solid and let the stroke originate from the shoulders and lead to the hands. As mentioned above, the hands become important once contact is made.
  • Your lower body should stay completely still with your weight being proportionally distributed to both of your feet.
  • Your backswing should be the same length as what your follow-through will be. Taking practice strokes is a must for getting everything down accurately. 

These putting tips will ensure that your technique is perfect when you’re hitting the greens on South Florida golf courses. Even so, there is more to putting, and playing as a whole, than simply getting the technique down right. You should also ensure that your clubs are perfect for your style and preferences while also hitting a course that you know will have amazing terrain that is kept perfectly to ensure consistency in line with your improvements. 

How to Improve Putting with Better Gear

Golf is a unique game consisting of multiple elements that work along with the athletic capabilities of the player. Therefore, having the proper equipment and access to an amazing course that keeps the greens perfect is just as important. This means that the golf putting tips that our team presented above should be combined with the perfect putter, which can be selected from our clubhouse Pro Shop and should be chosen based on height, skill, or simply preference. While the aspects of practice and equipment can be managed by the player, keeping the course in amazing condition falls on the professionals at the golf clubs you attend. Although many golf course attendants would see the greens often fall into sub-prime condition, particularly around weather conditions changes, the team at Deer Creek Golf Club ensures that the greens are always kept in amazing condition so that you can focus on making every swing better! Put our team’s putting tips to the test at our course and watch your short game improve after each visit. 

Get Your Putting Practice at Deer Creek Golf Course

Do you want to put the amazing putting tips presented by our team to the test on the very best golf course in South Florida? If so, the team at Deer Creek Golf Club would love to have you stop by for a few rounds with friends, family, or solo! Our amazing location is also a popular stop for amazing food from our grille, a must-see store in the form of our Pro Shop, and a popular wedding venue for many couples. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our hours, the course, or anything else you may need help with, so feel free to get in touch with us today

Are you interested in reading more professional and expert insights from our team? Be sure to read some of our other golf blog articles to get a deeper look into all things related to our course or golfing in general. If you are interested in becoming a member, be sure to see our membership page to get all relevant information regarding availability and pricing. 


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