With gorgeous weather and blooms on the way, summer is definitely the most popular season to get married. When it comes to summer weddings, the cake is always a key piece to think about. It can be stressful picking out a wedding cake, but Deer Creek is here to help! 


The first thing you’ll want to do is think of the style and theme of your wedding and then brainstorm what type of cake would match it. Choosing a seasonal wedding cake should always go along with your seasonal theme. Here are a few wedding cake ideas for summer to consider. 

Sweet and Summery 

If you are having a vintage or a garden-style wedding, then a cake that is light, sweet, and charming would be a great idea. Cakes with white or light-colored frosting decorated with fresh fruit and flowers will not only match your theme but be a beautiful addition to your wedding. 


Cool Watercolors

Cool-toned color palettes are beautiful for summer weddings and for summer wedding cakes! These have a way of giving off a relaxing feeling on a hot summer day, especially at a South Florida wedding. Mixing colors like silver, purple, and sky blue with shades of white can create an amazing and delicious design. 


Simply Naked

If your wedding is outside, then a simple cake with minimal icing and decoration is a way to add a rustic feel to your theme. Naked wedding cakes minimize the amount of buttercream used, which then minimizes the chance of the cake melting or tipping over from the heat. It’s also best to keep your cake in a shaded area. 


Citrus Flavors

Some summer wedding cake flavors to consider are flavors like lemon and orange. This gives the cake a beautifully zesty taste that your guests will love. If you don’t want to fully commit to this type of cake flavor, then add citrus touches like frosting designs, flavored decorations, or even add a design within the cake itself that will show when it is cut.


Bold Rainbow

If you want something bolder, more fun, and louder, then we recommend going full-on rainbow. Bright, luscious colors will complement a sunny summer day perfectly! Having a cake that is gorgeously decorated and then reveals a showstopping rainbow on the inside will get all of your guests’ attention for sure. 


Small Servings

If wedding cakes aren’t what you are looking for, then you can also look into smaller serving summer wedding desserts. You can still purchase a smaller cake for the cake cutting portion of the wedding, but instead of a large wedding cake, why not pass out matching cupcakes or desserts to your guests? 


Fresh Fruit

When it comes to summer wedding cakes, adding fresh fruit is always a bonus. It not only adds to the beauty of the cake, but your guests will love biting into a fresh strawberry while enjoying the South Florida weather. 


Fruits in season during summer:


  • Blueberries: March – November 
  • Cantaloupe: March – July
  • Dragon Fruit: June – November
  • Guava: Harvested year-round
  • Limes: Harvested year-round 
  • Mangoes: May – September
  • Melons: March – July
  • Raspberries: June – September
  • Strawberries: October – June
  • Watermelons: April – July


Simple Design

Sometimes a simple design is the best way to go. Going with a simple and relaxed summer wedding cake brings a different kind of elegance to your wedding. We suggest doing a “barely there” ombre effect. Simply beautiful! 


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