Florida didn’t get its nickname the “Sunshine State” for no reason, and with late spring/ early summer weather approaching, it’s going to be an average high of the mid to high 80s. This shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your special day. Deer Creek is here to show you how to stay cool at an outdoor wedding. 


As a South Florida wedding venue, we have experience in dealing with hot weddings in the Florida heat. Here are some summer wedding tips for keeping the party and guests cool:


  • Have water available
  • Keep the seating cooler
  • Stay away from liquid makeup
  • Give out sunglasses or have shades 
  • Create a sweat-survival kits


You can also invest in misters or have fans, but this is one to be careful because we don’t want to mess with any of the decorations, guests’ outfits, or any hair and makeup. 


Have Water Available

The easiest way to keep your guests cool at an outdoor wedding is to have pitchers of fruit-infused water ready for them instead of handing them a glass of bubbly. Fruits like watermelon and mango help reduce body temperature. This is a great way to keep them hydrated and cool.


Keep the Seating Cooler

While metal or wooden chairs look good, they are also materials that can heat up and cause your guests’ bottoms to get a little overheated. Investing in some fabric cushions can help prevent this and help keep their bottoms and legs from getting too hot or burned if the meal chairs get hot enough. 


Stay Away From Liquid Makeup

Another tip for how to stay cool at an outdoor wedding is to stay clear of liquid makeup. Powder-based makeup will be a great go-to, so you can avoid continuously needing to fix your foundation. We also recommend getting a lip stain instead of lipstick so any smears or running can also be avoided. The best tip we can give is to hire a professional makeup artist and get airbrush makeup since it is sweatproof, waterproof, and tearproof (perfect for weddings). Working with a natural makeup look will also help with minimal products! 


Give Out Sunglasses or Have Shades 

If possible, provide shades to cover your guests without disrupting your ceremony. It can also be fun to pass out sunglasses as party favors at the beginning so guests can wear them. You can even add your own wedding logo to them! You can also include in your invitations to bring sunglasses so your guests are aware that they might need them. 


Create Sweat Survival Kits

Making a survival kit for a hot wedding could save the day for yourself and your bridal party. 

The kits could include:

  • Face-blotters
  • Sunscreen
  • Travel-size deodorant
  • Body wipes
  • Body spray or perfume


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