Why You Need to Head to South Florida for Winter Golf

Of the various sports, few are more affected by the elements than golf. Depending on where you live, winter golf may be unpleasant, dangerous, or downright impossible. While whether golf courses near you are open in the winter will depend on where you live, the United States always has courses available to the public year-round. We always recommend taking a brief vacation or a holiday trip to a place where you can golf all year round, such as Florida, better known as the sunshine state.

Where to Golf in the Winter

When it comes to deciding on a golf trip for the winter, we feel that it is hard to beat the sunshine state. Golf courses in Florida are open year-round and are home, of course, to our beautiful weather. Our South Florida golf course makes for the perfect winter trip, home to the best winter golf weather and a fun yet challenging set of 18 holes. 

In addition to our stunning course, we are a close drive to popular winter and holiday destinations such as Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They’re great areas for family trips and practicing your golf game. Additionally, if you are visiting for the holidays, we offer holiday dining options at the Deer Creek Grille in South Florida, perfect for family and friends! 

Winter makes for the perfect time to improve your golf game while friends and competitors may not be. Our golf lessons, perfect for all levels of golfers, are a great way to improve your game with our professional golf instructors. 


How to Practice Golf in the Winter

With recent advancements in technology and the expansion of golf businesses such as Top Golf, there are various ways that some claim to be able to stay sharp during the cold winter months. Golf simulators or franchise golf venues such as Top Golf can be open year-round, however in our experience, and most likely yours as well, they are a far cry from a real course. Golf requires the ability to constantly account for changes in weather, the course, or a sudden gust of wind. 

While golf simulators allow you to swing your clubs and are fairly accurate in their estimation of where your ball lands, it is still only an estimation. As technology continues to advance, it wouldn’t surprise us if, in the future, simulators become nearly indistinguishable from real courses. However, we have yet to reach that point. Winter golf simulators are, unfortunately, still no substitute for playing on a real course and dealing with the variety of factors that make the game so challenging but also so much fun! 


Book a Day at the Best Golf Club in Florida

Our South Florida country club course is the perfect venue for golfing in the winter. While we do offer a variety of membership deals, we are still open to the public, regardless of membership status, with affordable rates

View our golf club tee times, and come see why we are one of the best golf clubs in Florida. 


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