Why You Need an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

From the moment of accepting an engagement proposal, wedding planning is full of having to decide between a variety of choices, from wedding dates to size to locations and more. As a South Florida wedding venue, we have some recommendations for why you may want to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. 

Throwing a Wedding During COVID-19

A recent phenomenon has unfortunately thrown a wrench into nearly everything, with weddings being no exception. One of the benefits of having your ceremony outdoors is that it will mitigate the risk of spreading any illnesses. 


Beautiful Weather

This may be a bit specific to where you end up choosing to have your wedding. As a provider of one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding venues in South Florida, we are lucky enough to have beautiful weather year-round. An outdoor winter wedding at our South Florida golf course is not only doable but enjoyable. You can enjoy the beautiful weather of the Sunshine State no matter the time of year.


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Decor

Wedding decor can look great both at indoor and outdoor venues, though there are certain flowers and decorations that look stunning in an outdoor setting. A more rustic or seasonal-themed wedding will benefit greatly from an outdoor wedding ceremony. 


Wedding Space and Logistics

Indoor wedding venues will always have a limit on capacity. Additionally, if you choose to have a smaller wedding, it can look strange and empty in a large wedding venue. An outdoor wedding can be made into the exact specifications for your specific wedding size. 


Outdoor Wedding Photos

Wedding photos taken outside are hard to beat – the beauty of nature pairs great with wedding photos. Having the backdrop of the outdoors for a beautiful outdoor wedding shoot will surely create gorgeous photos to capture your special day.


Indoor and Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

While outdoor ceremonies have certain characteristics that indoor wedding ceremonies cannot, the same can be said in reverse. Luckily, at Deer Creek Golf Club, our South Florida wedding venue provides the option for a combination of both! 

Have your wedding ceremony on our beautiful South Florida golf course wedding venue or in one of our famous South Florida banquet halls. If you can’t choose between the two, we even offer the option of having both a banquet hall and an adjacent outdoor space! Our beautiful course has year-round trees, flowers, and even a cascading waterfall. 

We even offer our own catering by our very own Deer Creek Grille, with specialized wedding menus. We also provide rehearsal dinner space, engagement parties, and bridal shower venues

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