A couple’s wedding day is one of the biggest milestones in their lives. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, plenty of weddings have been canceled or postponed. As you can imagine, a postponed wedding is a major change in the couple’s plans and can result in a lot of questions from guests. Postponing a wedding can be confusing for guests and frustrating for the couple and their families and everyone is bound to talk about it at some point, either to offer sympathy or make jokes to make the couple feel better. It’s important to know what NOT to say to someone who postponed their wedding this year. 

How to Respond to a Cancelled Wedding 

Dealing with a canceled or postponed wedding is hard enough. The wedding coordinators at our South Florida country club recommend reaching out to someone who is dealing with a postponed wedding in a thoughtful way. If you are feeling nervous about things to say after a wedding has been canceled, we have got you covered. Don’t put your foot in your mouth this wedding season and follow our advice on what not to say to someone who just postponed their wedding. 


“Now you have even more time to plan.” 

When you’re trying to find the right words to say to a couple whose wedding was just postponed, do not make light of all the planning that already went into what could have possibly been the wedding of their dreams. There are so many moving parts involved in planning a wedding; coordinating everything for the same day is hard enough the first time, even more so when the couple has to choose a new wedding date or potentially alternative vendors. This is not the time to remind the soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. that if they are postponing their wedding, they are going to have to plan the whole event all over again. 

Rather than offering them this response to a wedding cancellation, it may be better to just acknowledge that the situation sucks and offer to help them if you can.


“Now I have to cancel all my accommodations and childcare.” 

This might be one of the first thoughts that cross your mind when you find out there won’t be a wedding as planned, but it is definitely what NOT to say to someone who postponed their wedding.

This isn’t about you; no matter how inconvenient the circumstance may be for you, we can guarantee it is a bit more stressful for the couple who was going to get married in the first place. They spent so much time, money, and preparation into the celebration only to have their wedding postponed or even canceled, which means they’d have to go through it all again. The couple may not even be able to get the same wedding venue reserved for their new date.

Instead of commenting on how the cancellation has affected you, check in on the couple and ask how they’re feeling. 


“So when are you going to get married?” 

Possibly the worst thing you can say to someone who postponed their wedding is to ask when they are getting married. Chances are they have no idea when they are going to get married and want nothing more than to celebrate their wedding day with all their friends and family. 

It can be difficult to plan for the future when things change every day, especially with all the uncertainty in the world right now, so don’t bombard the couple with questions about their wedding plans. We advise you to be patient; the couple will let you know how they will ultimately decide to celebrate their union in due time. 


”If my wedding was postponed I would…”

Although this might come from a good place, remember that this isn’t about you. Unless the couple expressly asks for your opinion, refrain from offering advice, however well-intentioned it may be. Don’t add to the stress and others’ opinions that they are most likely already dealing with. 


Things to Say to Someone Who Postponed Their Wedding

While there are plenty of things not to say to someone who postponed their wedding, there are still plenty of positive things you can say to the couple to show them your love and support.

  • “I’m sorry.” 
  • “Is there anything I can help you with?”
  • “I’m here if you would like to vent.”
  • “I am just as excited for your wedding.”
  • “Count me in on your new wedding date.”
  • “I would still love to celebrate your original date with you; let’s plan something small.”
  • “Let’s schedule a golf day and get in some putting drills.” 


Postponing Your Wedding with Deer Creek Golf Club 

At Deer Creek Golf Club, we understand how stressful it can be when this happens, but we can also help you take the necessary steps to postpone your wedding. When all is said and done, take some time to relax at our beautiful golf club. We offer executive golf club memberships and a variety of other golf club memberships to keep you and your bridesmaids or groomsmen busy until your new wedding date.