At our South Florida Wedding Venue, the weekends of the summer months are chock-full of color. The typical wedding season runs from June through September. It may just be us, but by the time August rolls around, the wedding colors and their corresponding flower arrangements blend together. When everything is so vibrant, it tends to become contrived and derivative. So while the season of change comes along and leaves on the trees start to wilt, you have a chance to let your creativity bloom. With cooler, more neutral colors coming into fashion by October, your palette for wedding flowers opens up tremendously. 

At Deer Creek Golf Club, we want you to feel prepared in every facet possible for your big day. Our grounds hold spectacular views to act as a backdrop for those special moments. Whether we become your wedding, engagement party, or baby shower venue, we will do what we can to lend a guiding hand towards an unforgettable memory. If you’re busy planning your autumn wedding, let’s take a look at some of the perfect color arrangements for your fall wedding flowers.


Flower Colors for a Fall Wedding

It’s important to keep your wedding’s overarching color palette in mind when choosing the right flowers for your bouquet and centerpieces. With flowers, you want to blend and accentuate your wedding’s theme. Here are a few suggestions for trendy colors for your fall wedding bouquet. 


Warm or Cool Tones

While it’s smart to leave the vibrancy of spring and summer in their seasons, the bright colors of changing leaves, like red, orange, and yellow, can work perfectly as centerpieces with a more neutral theme. The flowers will pop and give your wedding a lively boost.

If you’re playing for the understated, lighter purples and a mixture of off-white roses can do the trick. Centerpieces don’t always need to be the center of attention. Let your flowers speak for themselves and blend in with the rest of your decorations.


Pretty Pastels and a Little Pink

As the weather cools and plants get ready to push the reset button, it’s a perfect time to spring for a paler palette. Pastel purple, yellow, and green can give your bouquet a favorable sense of calm. And throwing in a sprinkle of slightly brighter pink can give your arrangement a bit of zest that will be the talk of the reception.


Think Green

When it comes to bouquets and centerpieces, the flowers are only part of the struggle. Adding in some green through leaves and an appropriate amount of foliage can turn an otherwise bland-looking arrangement into an autumn sensation. Getting some green in the mix works well with any flower palette.


Get Creative

You don’t have to stick to the usual. Find unique flower options, such as petals with an ombre finish or a golden finish. And remember, you don’t have to be bright to stand out. Darker colors can bring out lighter tones in a party’s palette. Deep reds and gold play beautifully together, so be creative and have fun!


Vibrant Bridal Shower Venue in South Florida 

Preparing for a wedding can be equal parts stressful and rewarding. But no matter how much research you put into fall wedding flowers, the main focus on your big day should be you and your partner. If you love the look, everyone who was invited will love it, too. 

The team at Deer Creek Golf Club wants to be a part of your everlasting moment, no matter the season. Our award-winning venue has been the chosen grounds for some of South Florida’s swankiest get-togethers. We offer catering and acts as a South Florida special events venue for all sorts of happenings. When you’re ready to book your big day, call upon Deer Creek Golf Club.


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