How to Choose Your Wedding Cake

Congratulations, you’re getting married! What an exciting time, and lucky for you, there is absolutely no stress that goes along with planning your wedding! We’re kidding, of course, as planning your wedding can be a handful. We want to help you alleviate some stress, which is why we’ve compiled some tips on how to choose your wedding cake. You need your beauty sleep, so why not let us help you take at least one thing off your plate by putting some cake on it. 

The First Layer

Your wedding cake is a wedding reception staple. It is. But, to be honest, there are more important components to a wedding. Realistically choosing your wedding cake should be one of the last steps you take. This is partly due to there being more pressing matters, and also because you most likely want your wedding cake to match the colors and theme of your wedding. 

Additionally, you will most likely need to know the estimated attendance to calculate how large a cake or how many cakes you will need to order. This means one of the first steps in wedding planning, and admittedly not entirely related to cake-related aspects, is ensuring you have established a venue, general theme or color scheme, and an estimated count of how many guests will be attending. 

The Second Layer: The Design

Once you have established a general theme or color scheme, it is generally suggested to match your cake’s aesthetics to the aesthetic of your wedding. You may want to consider the colors of the venue you have selected. Most wedding cake vendors have samples, and they would be happy to customize cake designs and styles for your wedding if their selections are not to your liking. 

The Third Layer: Taste

Once you have a general idea of the design and color of your cake, you need to settle on the icing and cake flavors. Here you will be trying to satisfy a large variety of palettes, so we recommend steering clear of controversial flavors. Buttercreams are classics, but fondants can be used for those in search of a unique design. The best part of this step is the tasting! Wedding cake bakers will provide you with tasting options to ensure you pick out the perfect flavors. 

The Fourth Layer: Quantity

Once you have an idea of the style and flavor of the cake you want, you have to establish the size and quantity of cakes. Some popular cost-cutting options for larger weddings are a stylized smaller cake for display and a larger sheet cake for general consumption. Others choose to order two or more cakes to ensure every guest gets a piece. For more extravagant weddings, some bakeries offer small individual cakes for each guest. While a costly addition, it will definitely generate more buzz about your special day. 

The Fifth Layer: Presentation

Once you have established the specifications of the cake, it is time to consider its presentation. Not all cakes must be visible to guests; however, if you choose a unique design, why not put it on display? A designated cake table is always one of the main attractions at weddings and will surely be a place for photos. Make it stand out even more by adding fabrics with colors matching your cake and wedding theme.

You may also want a cake topper. When picturing your wedding cake, chances are you visualize a miniature bride and groom atop it. While not always necessary, this may be an added feature you wish to include. Once again, try to match the theme of the wedding, but have fun personalizing these figurines! You can maybe have some symbolic pieces related to you and your fiancé, the classic bride and groom, or even more sweets atop your cake! 

The Final Layer: Delivery

Depending on the size and design of your cake, the delivery may be a bit more complicated than you expected. Large cakes may need to be delivered separately and assembled at the venue. This may require refrigeration and assembly staff, both of which are typically provided by your cake vendor. 

Enjoy Your Day!

These steps may seem like a lot for just a cake.  But, remember, many of these steps are optional, depending on your needs and wants. The important thing to note is that your wedding will be a success as long as you’re happy with your choices. We hope that this list will help you have your cake AND eat it too. As a premier bridal shower, Florida engagement party, and Florida golf course wedding venue, we know how much this day means to you. For those searching for beautiful wedding venues in South Florida, contact us today to learn more about our beautiful facilities.

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