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At our South Florida golf club, we are no strangers to Adam Sandler’s famous golfing film Happy Gilmore, which recently its 25th Anniversary. It was only fitting that Adam Sandler celebrated the film’s anniversary with a bit of golf, taking to Instagram to prove that he’s still has got it even 25 years later. He also paid a tribute to Gilmore’s arch-nemesis, Shooter McGavin. 

Happy Gilmore Celebrates 25 Years with Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is most famously known for his roles in comedy films, including Happy Gilmore. The Adam Sandler golf movie is one of the top fan favorites, particularly among fans that prefer his earlier work in the ‘90s and 2000s. In honor of the successful golf movie, Adam Sandler decided to remind his social media followers just how legendary that Happy Gilmore swing has become. 

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Sandler reenacted the iconic scene featuring the long drive shot, a scene that cemented his status among comedy legends. After he takes the Happy Gilmore swing, he is left seemingly impressed that 25 years later, Happy still has that incredible long drive. 

It’s always a pleasure to see stars such as Adam Sandler throwing it back to the beloved movies fans love.

Who Is Happy Gilmore? 

Happy Gilmore is the title character of this popular golf movie about a wannabe ice hockey player whose failure to achieve his goals left him lost, with no direction for the future, until he realizes that his intense hockey shot works really well on the golf course. This, of course, becomes the famous Happy Gilmore swing.

At the same time, Happy Gilmore’s grandmother is in serious debt, so he decides to take his talents out on the green. This beloved child-like character starts participating in tournaments at the local golf course without even a beginner’s guide to golf

Happy faces his rival, Shooter McGavin, in the final showdown – the tournament championship. In true underdog fashion, Happy defeats Shooter, but you’ll have to watch the movie to see how he pulled it off!

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