Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

The summer is a beautiful time for weddings. Long summer days can provide your ceremony with plenty of hours of sunlight, followed by a beautiful, romantic summer sunset. As a premier Florida golf course wedding venue, we have plenty of tips for a summer wedding. An important part of your wedding is making sure you have the right flowers. It is essential to choose flowers that are in season and compatible with your wedding colors, so to help, we have compiled a list of the best wedding flowers to have for a summer wedding. \

Bright Colored Summer Wedding Flowers

If you are throwing a wedding in the summer, you may wish to decorate with some eye-catching, bright flowers. One great way to add a touch of brightness to your bouquet is to utilize citrus. As a wedding venue in the state of sunshine and oranges, we are particularly fond of this look. Pairing bright citrus colors with some green and white, such as white astilbes, can give your wedding a radiant look that stands out from most wedding flower arrangements. Additionally, if you are having a Florida wedding, citrus is never hard to find!

In addition to bright citrus, some other excellent options include beautiful bright orange, yellow, or red poppies and zinnias, which can offer bright and bold colors to your wedding. Bright wedding flowers will be sure to catch the attention of all attendants and are a great way to accentuate your wedding.


Simple Wedding Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

While some love brightly colored flowers for their wedding, you may be more inclined to choose a more subdued arrangement. A great look for summer weddings is to utilize natural wildflowers, which often possess a more subdued color but are equally as beautiful. For this arrangement, we would recommend selecting Queen Anne’s Lace, which provides perfect beautiful and natural-looking filler, which can be paired with a variety of wildflowers, such as white poppies or daisies. These understated flowers will give your wedding a natural look and feel and are great for natural outdoor wedding venues, such as our golf course wedding venue. 

Nothing says summertime quite like sunflowers, which is another great choice for your summer wedding. These beauties are a cheerful addition to any wedding, offering a less formal and simpler look. They look amazing when paired with light orange or red flowers such as gerbera daisies. 


Classy Summer Wedding Flowers

For the more formal weddings, you really can’t beat the elegant rose. Deep red roses paired with white roses, succulents, and white astilbes will give your wedding an even more elegant look. For an even more formal look, try to limit the color selection to just two colors, one dark, and one light. 


The Perfect Summer Wedding

For those looking to have a South Florida summer wedding, you cannot beat our beautiful golf course wedding venue. We provide gorgeous outdoor views, complete with a cascading waterfall that can be paired with our beautiful South Florida banquet rooms, offering a combination of both an indoor and outdoor wedding. Contact us today for the wedding venue of your dreams!


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