A gentle breeze is in the air, the leaves begin to change their hue, and the greens are starting to firm up. All around, the country is starting to show signs of autumn’s arrival. While any summer weekend will do for a round of golf, fall is an underrated time to grab your clubs and hit the links. The courses become less busy as the weather turns, all the while thriving off of the year-long maintenance. 

At Deer Creek Golf Course in Deerfield Beach, FL, we want your love of the game to continue to grow all year long. As one of the premier country clubs South Florida has to offer, our course will be ready and fit to play well through the fall into the winter. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the slower pace in autumn, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here we will take a look at a few pieces of women’s fall golf attire you should keep in mind.


What to Wear Golfing in the Fall

Your outfit does not completely change from head to toe. Your regular choice in hat and golf cleats will suffice during the fall. But during autumn, there are a few pieces of golfing clothes you need to prioritize.


Long Pants

The days of women wearing golf skorts are months behind us. It’s the time of the season to protect yourself from that cooling wind by donning a pair of golf pants. These pants are known for their flexible fibers and breathability, keeping you warm but limber for your round. Though you might think that jeans would keep you warm, many golf courses have set rules for proper attire and will not let you wear jeans on the course. If you are in a time pinch, a pair of khakis or dressier pants will do! Or you can scoot on by our golf pro shop to find a sweet deal on some new golf pants. Just remember, hip flexibility and overall comfort are critical factors in scoring low on the course.


Polo and a Vest

While wearing sleeves may seem like a no-brainer, some find them restrictive and a hindrance to their golf swing. If you want to stay warm while keeping your arms free to wield your clubs at ease, try wearing a vest over a standard polo. You can keep the vest trendy with a more modern look or throw it back with something plaid and colorful. Mix and match colors with your undershirt and pants. If you ever feel too warm, you can ditch the vest and rock the polo solo. Either way, a vest can be a perfect piece of fall golf attire for women.



The most important piece of fall clothes for women to remember is a thin sweater. When you are traversing an open course, it can get a little breezy out on the fairways and greens. The sweater does not have to be an integral part of your outfit. But if you hit the seventh hole and you cannot stop shivering, you are going to wish you had thrown a jacket in the back of your cart! Pick out something neutral that matches well with the rest of your outfit. It’s not always necessary, but a sweater is never something to leave behind when you are on the golf course in the fall.


Check Out the Best Country Club in South Florida!

If you are searching for a home course for the fall and beyond, our team at Deer Creek is ready to welcome you with our fall membership deal. Since 1971, we have offered the best golf experience in Broward County. Our award-winning course draws thousands of beginners and scratch golfers looking for a challenge.

Are you looking to up your game this fall? Check out our beginner’s guide to golf. Regardless of your skill level, we hope to see you on the course soon! And don’t forget that sweater!


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