Wedding Favors Guests Will Love

A wedding is a joyous celebration of a union between two people who love and care for each other. Brides and grooms may celebrate this next chapter in their lives surrounded by their closest friends and family. Not only do married couples enjoy their special day, but their guests also look forward to the festivities. Oftentimes, couples will provide guests with personalized wedding favors to thank them for their attendance.

At our South Florida country club, we know that wedding favors are an awesome way to thank guests and serve as great reminders of the special day. You can make your wedding day memorable for everyone involved by offering wedding favors guests will love.

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Favors?

Many couples research creative wedding favor ideas when they’re deciding which wedding favors guests will love. The endless amount of possibilities can be a bit overwhelming. At our South Florida wedding venue, we’ve seen a wide variety of wedding favors. To make the process a bit smoother, we’ve made our own list of some of the best wedding favor ideas.


Candles are great wedding favors because they can remind guests of the memorable day when they light them at home. Like many other gifts, you can customize candles, which gives the gift a more personal touch.

Personalized Sunglasses

Personalized sunglasses are one of the more inclusive wedding favor ideas. Both adults and children who attend your wedding can use these personalized sunglasses long after the wedding day has passed.

Credit Card Bottle Opener

A credit card bottle opener can be considered a more mature but fun wedding favor. Because these credit card bottle openers are designed to fit in a wallet, guests can take them everywhere and use them to open all kinds of drinks. It’s a small but convenient gift that can also be personalized with the person’s name and other details.

Mason Jars

Mason jar wedding favors are some of the most popular wedding gifts of the decade. Mason jars are convenient because they come in different sizes and can hold a variety of things. Many couples will fill mason jars with candy, chocolates, honey, and other things that house guests can enjoy.

Picture Frames

You can make your reception tables stand out with picture frames that also serve as a place card holder. It’s a great way to help your guests find their seats and a great gift they can personalize.

Burlap Drawstring Bags

Burlap drawstring bags can be filled with yummy treats for your wedding guests like candy, chocolate, pictures, and so on. This is another one of the more versatile wedding favors guests will love to use after your special day.

Mini Magnet Picture Frames

Mini magnet picture frames are also wedding favors that can double as place card holders. Your guests can change the picture inside the frame as often as they want. Your favorite couple photo can also go in these frames and serve as a reminder of the wedding day.

Wedding favors are great ways to thank your guests for joining you and your spouse on your special day. Even if you aren’t planning your wedding day anytime soon, it’s never too early to prepare. If you or a loved one are planning your special day, our event space and ballrooms at Deer Creek Golf Club can serve as a great destination for your wedding.