Tips to Improve Your Golf Game at Home

To the beginner, golf may seem like a sport that requires many hours of practice to become good at playing the game. Though the game of golf does take a lot of discipline and practice, there is no need to spend hours obsessing on how to improve your golf game. If you are just picking up the sport or have been playing for a while and want to improve your golf game, our experts can share some ways to do so right from the comfort of your own home!

Quick Tips to Improve Your Golf Game

If you are wondering how to improve your golf game at home, the answer may not be what you are expecting. Improving you golf game comes from more than just working on your swing, it also comes from taking care of your body and learning more about the sport. Before putting that summer golf membership to use, check out these tips on how to improve your golf game at home.

Practice Yoga

It may sound strange but practicing yoga can really help to improve your golf game! Yoga helps you to become more flexible and lengthens your muscles, giving you a wider range of motion when you swing. This will in turn allow you to add more power to your swing, as well as control and precision. If yoga is a little too slow for you, try Pilates. No need to spend money on a yoga studio, YouTube has hundreds of free yoga tutorials for all levels that you can do from the comfort of your home.

Use a Golf Simulator

If you really want to improve your golf swing, the best way to do so is to work with a golf simulator. If you are very passionate about the game of golf and want to know how to improve your golf game with out having to go to a course to practice, you can purchase a golf simulator for your home. Prices for golf simulators vary to meet any kind of budget and the set up is very easy to install. Some simulators are just a screen and a mat, others require a full enclosure, regardless of how committed you are to your golf game, a simulator is worth the investment.

Core Exercises

Wondering what core exercises have to with how to improve your golf game at home? Your core is the heart of your golf swing. The stronger that the muscles in your core are, the better your swing will be. Enhancing your core muscles is just as easy as doing some sit ups or planks.

Watch the Pros

Before you try to tackle some of the best country clubs in South Florida, and when wanting to know how to improve your golf game, the best thing that you can do is to watch the pros. When we say watch the pros, this does not only mean watch golf whenever it’s on TV, it means to study the movements and techniques of the best players. Watching how the best players formulate their swings and take their shots can help to improve your golf game as well.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Another great way to improve your golf game is to practice in front of a mirror. Seeing yourself while you swing can really make a difference in improving your golf game because you can see exactly where you are off and give yourself a chance to correct those mistakes.

Practice Your Short Game

When playing golf, the easiest way to pick up the most strokes is to have a bad short game. If you really focus on how to improve your golf game while at home, you will want to make sure you include aspects of the short game, like putting and chipping. All you need is a smooth, flat, surface and a coffee cup or a putting mat. For your chipping stroke, take your pitching wedge into the back yard and perfect the motion and speed of your swing. If you yard is big enough, you can use a whiffle ball for practice, or just get a feel for the swing with no ball at all.


Our Fort Lauderdale County Club invites you to come improve your golf game with one of our many golf course membership deals that we offer year-round! Our experts can share golf tips for beginners and tell you how to improve your golf game. Contact us today to schedule your tee time!