You’ve made your guest list – now it’s time to make a wishlist. You and your special someone are looking to start your lives together, and everybody attending your wedding day wants to help you as best they can. It may seem like an easy step, figuring out what to put on a wedding registry. However, depending on the size of your wedding, it may be difficult to cover all your bases and create the perfect wedding registry.

At Deer Creek Golf Club, we know how the excitement of wedding planning can dissolve into overwhelming stress. Creating the best wedding registry can be tedious work and should be the least of your worries. Our south Florida wedding venue staff has put together some of the best items to put on your wedding registry. We go beyond the toasters and look for something more practical that you’ll use again and again.

What To Put on a Wedding Registry

1. Bedsheets

One of the defining characteristics of a successful marriage is a good night’s sleep. That all starts with the sheets on your bed. Make sure to not skimp out on thread count, and ask for a set of high-quality sheets. Anything above a 400-thread count will feel like sleeping on silver.

2. Lawn Care Equipment

It’s easy to worry too much about decorating the inside of your house and lose sight of proper yard maintenance. A lawnmower, weed whacker, or a hedge trimmer are unorthodox gifts, and are probably best left received after the wedding, but could prove to be the most used item you put on a wedding registry.

3. China Set

Most of your registry will be full of equipment you can use on an everyday basis. Why not mix it up a little and ask for something a little more tasteful? A fine china dining set cannot only cater to an afternoon tea party, but it also makes for fabulous home décor when unused. Your guests can scour the internet and local yard sales for a great deal on some fine china.

4. Cordless Vacuum

Catch up with the times and kiss the moments tangled around leg chairs goodbye. Cordless vacuums are all the rage, and they’re becoming more affordable by the day. It’s a must-have appliance for your new starter home. 

5. Dutch Oven

Are you a connoisseur in the kitchen? A Dutch oven should be your next culinary toy. It may look like a glorified pot, but the thick walls help the pot trap heat and steam for even cooking. It’s multi-faceted, perfect for cooking meat, pasta, and soup. Dutch ovens can get pricey, but several more affordable options sure to get the job done.  

6. Dryer Tumbler Balls

If you’re wondering what to put on your wedding registry that is a bit more inexpensive, look at dryer tumbler balls. It may be the smallest gift on the list, but it’s utility and creativity make it a fun addition. You can prioritize between wool or plastic spiky dryer balls. The more fun route is the spiky balls; they can take the form of cute little hedgehogs or pufferfish dryer buddies.

7. Pajama Sets

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. Pair your brand-new sheets with a cozy pajama set. Whatever you desire – silk or cotton, a flannel set, or a onesie. A comfortable pair of pj’s is a perfect thing to put on your wedding registry. Want to be extra cute? Ask for a “His & Hers” matching pajama set.

8. Beverage Chiller/Cooler

If you’re dreaming about hosting the summer barbecues after your wedding, there’s no better gift to receive than a personalized beverage trough. Companies like Personalization Mall and Personal Creations have a wide range of beverage tubs and coolers perfect for backyard get-togethers.

If your wishlist still includes finding a sterling setting for your big day, we are here at Deer Creek Golf Club to answer the wedding bells. Call us at (954)429-0006 to find out how Deer Creek Golf Club can serve as a great destination for your wedding.