Ring, check, proposal plans, check, oh wait…global pandemic…check. Don’t let COVID-19 put a damper on your marriage proposal plans. Before the coronavirus lockdown restrictions took place, you probably had a grand plan for proposing to your partner. But just because you are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can still propose during the quarantine. Our expert South Florida wedding planners at Deer Creek Golf Club, are here to share a few quarantine proposal ideas.   

How to Propose at Home

You don’t need to plan a huge destination vacation or an elaborate plan for a marriage proposal. In fact, proposing at home is more intimate and personal than any other setting. If your quarantine proposal comes from the heart, that is all that truly matters. You can still be romantic at home! If you are proposing during quarantine, check out these ideas.

  1. Picnic

One of the sweetest quarantine proposal ideas is a picnic. You can find a quiet park near your home or go to your front or backyard for a sweet picnic with your loved one. Pack your favorite food, a cozy blanket, flower petals, and of course, champagne to celebrate you popping the question.

  1. Game night

If you are looking for a sneaky but cute idea if you are proposing during quarantine, then definitely host a game night. Keep the invite list very small and make sure you are socially distancing. You can write “will you marry me?” on a card if you are playing a card game, or you can add hints of wedding themes in any board game you choose. Your significant other is sure to say yes as your loved ones surround you.

  1. Movie night

Another creative marriage proposal involves a movie night starring you and your partner. You can compile videos and photos of the two of you that can play right before you pop the question. Cuddle up with your loved one, add cozy blankets and pillows, and you can even add candles to make the room feel more romantic. No movie date will ever compare to this evening!

  1. Room makeover

While traveling is limited now due to the coronavirus, you can give your partner a room makeover. Choose a place your partner dreams of visiting, whether it’s Paris or the Bahamas, or anywhere in the world, and recreate the scenery in your home. From décor to food, make the area look as if your travel plans are still on, get down on one knee, and propose to your partner.

  1. Over a meal

A simple yet romantic way to propose at home is over a meal. You can either cook or order in your partner’s favorite cuisine/restaurant and reminisce over the sweet smell of the food. Whip up an Italian dish with a bottle of wine, make your own burritos with margaritas, or barbecue chimichurri chicken with a classic potato dish with a signature cocktail. Wine and dine with your partner as you cherish your memories before you enter the next chapter of your lives.

Now that you are more familiar with a few quarantine proposal ideas, you are on your way to popping the question. Keep in mind our wedding venue in South Florida to celebrate your love. We also host bridal showers and other special events. Let our family assist with your upcoming nuptials. Contact us today at 954-429-0006 to speak to one of our special event directors. Congratulations on your proposal. From the Deer Creek Golf Club to your family, we wish you a life full of love.