Time flies as you’re planning a wedding, trying to make sure there aren’t things you’ll forget to do on your wedding day. As the big day approaches, you’ll need to tie up some last-minute loose ends to ensure everything goes according to plan such as finalizing the flavor of the wedding cake, booking a hairdresser and makeup artist, honeymoon planning and more. With so much on your plate, you’re not likely to get a chance to welcome your guests upon arrival, especially out-of-town guests who’ve traveled a long way to celebrate with you. That’s why you should invest in wedding welcome bags; they’re a great way to show guests you’re grateful for their attendance and gives them an idea about what’s to come in the next couple of days. The wedding staff at Deer Creek Golf Club share some ideas about what to include in your wedding welcome bags.

Welcome Letter

A welcome letter is an opportunity to greet and thank your guests for attending. The letter should be thoughtful while conveying how happy you are that they’ll be sharing this important milestone in your life. Add an extra-special touch by hand-writing the note to let them know you took the time out of planning your wedding to give them a warm welcome. Let your guests know what else they could expect to find in their wedding welcome bags, especially if they have a special meaning.

Refreshments & Snacks

A long journey to your wedding can leave anyone famished, and including items like water, wine, spirits, and snacks can help your guests feel more comfortable upon arrival. Fill their wedding welcome bags with sweet and savory snacks. Not only will this help them feel at home, but it will save them trips to the hotel gift shops or nearby gas stations for a quick bite. 

Hangover Kits

Your wedding day is not only supposed to be a ceremony of lifelong commitment, but it’s also going to be a huge party. There will be plenty of dancing, singing, laughing, eating, and drinking, and your guests will need a way to recuperate the following day. Include a special hangover kit in the wedding welcome bags to help alleviate symptoms of a hard night out. The kit can include an extra bottle of water, Alka-Seltzer, ibuprofen, Emergen-C, eye drops, and other useful items. 

Map of Wedding Destination

If you’re planning a destination wedding, your guests will most likely be lost upon arrival. Sure, they can use Google Maps or Waze to help them get around but including a little map in their personalized wedding welcome bags can show them how considerate you are. The map can also include a list of 5-star locations for them to visit, the wedding day timeline, and key information like the point of contact should they have any questions.


Contact a member of our wedding staff for other ideas about what to include in your wedding welcome bags or if you’re shopping around for wedding venues in South Florida and get started on your big day today!

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