Are you an avid golfer or just someone who likes to play golf during their spare time? Either way, you may have heard others speak critically about golf, but without the facts back it up. These myths about golf are quite prevalent, and our Deer Creek golf course can help decipher the truth from the myths. So, next time you enjoy a day of South Florida golf with your buddies, you can let them know the truth about some of the popular myths about golf.


“Golf is Expensive”

True, initially, the cost of golfing can be pricey when you first purchase equipment from a golf pro shop. However, when you keep your eye out for South Florida golf coupons, saving money while golfing is feasible. If you’re looking to take up golfing lessons, opt for a group session to save money and meet other aspiring golfers. There are so many ways to save money on golf costs, you just have to look!


“Golf Isn’t a Real Sport”

Alright, we know all know where this stems from. Most people think since you don’t have to exert much energy for the whole game, it’s not really a sport. A sport requires strategy in order for the game to be won, and that sounds a lot like golf, doesn’t it?


“Keep Your Head Down”

Sure, for short chip shots, or putting, you to keep your head down. However, when you’re going to make a full swing, or pitching, you can risk injury when you keep your head down. Different types of shots require different body angles and weight distribution. Instead, maintain a proper posture as you connect the club to the ball for a perfectly balanced finish.


“Golf Takes Too Long to Play”

Recently, golf clubs in Florida have been realizing a 4-hour round of golf is not everyone’s cup of tea. Our golf course in Fort Lauderdale offers a 9-hole golfing option for you to get out and enjoy with friends and family with time to spare for the rest of the day.


“Golf is For Rich, Older Men”

For decades, golf had the reputation of catering to older men with very deep pockets. Over the years, though, the sport has become more diverse with players in all walks of life taking an interest. There’s no actual rule dictating that only a specific demographic can enjoy golf. Regardless of one’s age or socioeconomic background, golf is for everyone, all you need is the desire to have fun!


Do you want other popular myths about golf debunked? Want to find out more about our golf course in Fort Lauderdale? Feel free to reach out to our professional staff to learn more.