Wedding planning can be both fun and stressful. This is the time where you get to show off your creativity, but you must do so within budget and time constraints. You need to book the right venue at the right price, make sure you find your dream wedding gown, create a wedding day timeline – the list goes on. However, the one thing that can really take you over the edge is input from family members who each have a different idea in mind for your wedding. Your parents and future in-laws may want to involve themselves in every aspect of wedding planning to the point it causes conflict and the wedding party may have strong opinions about their wardrobe or their partner. Other friends and relatives may even feel disgruntled that you didn’t include them in the wedding party at all. The wedding professionals of the Deer Creek Golf Club share a few pointers to help as you’re planning a wedding that makes everyone happy.


Ideally, you want to create a win-win situation. But how do you do that? Compromising with your parents and in-laws can help ease tensions for the big day. However, you must be careful about the terms of a compromise since most people get turned off by the idea. Let them know that you respect their input and figure out a way to intertwine it with your wedding decisions. This way, while you’re worried about things you’ll forget to do on your wedding day, at least you won’t have to worry about negative vibes from either side of the family and you can continue planning a wedding that makes everyone happy.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy          

Unfortunately, in life, you can’t make everyone happy. Being a People Pleaser can lead to more stress than you think and being stressed out on the big day can rob you of the happiness you’re entitled to on your (and your partner’s) special moment. Trying to please everyone on both sides of the family with an endless list of demands will only drive you mad. This is your day and realizing you can’t make everyone happy will feel liberating in the long run, leaving you free to plan your ideal wedding. People are responsible for their own emotions, so don’t be afraid to take wedding planning by the reigns.

Just Say “No”

If things get too out of hand with family members, it’s alright to say “no.” This is your big day and you’ve waited all your life for this moment. Letting someone else interfere with that will only leave you feeling regretful once the festivities are over. Also, when you put your foot down, future in-laws aren’t as likely to push the boundaries with you in the future. What a way to join the family!


At the end of the day, planning a wedding that makes everyone happy is nearly impossible, but the people that truly matter will love and celebrate your marriage no matter how the wedding turns out. If you have any questions regarding wedding planning or you’re curious about the tee times at our golf club, contact a member of our friendly staff at the Deer Creek Golf Club for further assistance!