It’s almost time for the special day you’ve been waiting for your whole life – your wedding. Of course, just like any sane person, you’re very anxious about this day. Anything can go wrong – remember the “Red Wedding” in Game of Thrones? Of course, we don’t expect your wedding to end in a bloody massacre just like House Stark, but there are still other tragedies that can ruin the big day. So, given that the final season of GoT is drawing near, our staff of experienced wedding experts at our Deer Creek golf course figured we’d share some pointers on how to prevent your wedding from turning into the “Red Wedding.”

Wedding Songs

Just like the foreboding melody of The Rains of Castamere during the Red Wedding, don’t disappoint your guests with music that doesn’t suit the occasion. Your guests want to celebrate this day with you and having the right music can help set the mood for everyone at the wedding reception. Sure, you’ve most likely hired a DJ for the reception, but you can’t leave this part of the party to chance. To prevent your reception from turning into the “Red Wedding,” you can compile a list of songs for your DJ which could not only set the tone you want for the reception, it can also include specific songs that mean something special among your family and friends. If you need help thinking of songs to add to the list, our Deer Creek country club has done the work for you by finding the best wedding songs to get your guests into a festive mood and maintain the happy atmosphere.

Family Feud

A few weeks before it’s time to meet your better half at the altar, make sure your family and your future spouse’s family are on good terms. The last thing you want is for an altercation to break out, ruining this special day. If Rob Stark had not ignored the oath he made with Walder Frey, House Stark wouldn’t have perished on this fateful day. Don’t be like Rob. To prevent your wedding from turning into the “Red Wedding,” check in with families on both sides to ensure everything is copacetic and any existing grudges are squashed. At the very least, make sure to separate them in your seating chart and urge your guests to be civil to one another; remind them this day is not about their feud but about celebrating your union.

Foresee Complications

Even though you’re hoping everything goes smoothly on your wedding day, you must prepare for the worst. If you don’t have an emergency plan in place, you may be caught off guard like Catelyn Stark was when she discovered Roose Bolton was wearing chainmail during her son’s wedding. The experts at our wedding venue in Florida have compiled suggestions for a wedding day emergency kit to help deal with any issues that may come up the day of your wedding.

Want to learn more on how to prevent your wedding from turning into the “Red Wedding” in Game of Thrones? Feel free to send a raven to our South Florida country club to learn more!