How to Create a Wedding Day Timeline

As you’re planning out your wedding by reserving our South Florida country club, booking an officiant, creating a guest list, etc., you should also take the time to create a timeline. Failing to create a timeline can leave room for disaster on your special day. Staying on schedule during your wedding day will help reduce your anxiety as everything goes according to plan. Check out some of these great tips on how to stay on schedule during your wedding day.

Wedding Day Timeline Template

First and foremost, when it comes to creating a wedding day timeline, you have to figure out what time of the day you’d like for the wedding to take place. Some weddings take place in the morning while others happen in the later evening. It’s up to you. Nevertheless, there’s a basic order you can follow as you schedule your wedding day:

  • Hair and makeup/Getting ready
  • Invite time
  • Start of ceremony
  • End of ceremony
  • Couple portraits/family photos
  • Reception begins
  • First Dance
  • Reception ends

Depending on what time you’ll hold your wedding, you can decide when you’ll hold each activity of your wedding. Keep in mind, your wedding day timeline template isn’t to be completely adhered to. Your wedding day won’t be ruined if you fall behind fifteen to twenty minutes. So, enjoy your special day! 



While you create a wedding day timeline, don’t be hesitant to start early. There’s nothing wrong with starting an hour or two earlier to get ready. Something may go wrong, and if you start early you can use that time as a buffer to get back on track. For your hair and makeup, it can take the bride hours to get ready. If the bridesmaids are getting their hair and makeup done professionally as well, starting earlier than usual will make sure everything stays on track.


Creating a wedding day timeline may seem daunting at first, but once you’re done, you’ll be rest assured that your day will go smoothly. Most importantly, you, your future spouse, and guests will have a great time on this special day. Interested in booking our South Florida country club for your wedding? Feel free to contact us to get started on reserving your day.