Are you a long-time, amateur golfer or someone who’s looking to get into the sport? That’s great! There are all sorts of benefits in golfing such as the community of avid golfers, health benefits, and great use of your free time. No matter the reason for your interest in golf, there are still some implicit rules you need to keep in mind. Not doing so can give you a bad reputation as a golfer, and we all know how rumors spread like wildfire. Not to worry as our professional staff of golf enthusiasts here at our South Florida golf course can teach you a little something called Golf Etiquette 101.


Arriving Less Than 15 Minutes Before Your Golf Club Tee Time

Probably the most important rule in golf etiquette is to make sure to arrive early for tee time. Not doing so can irritate the starter and others in the shop as well as put the rest of the tee sheet at risk of delay. The 15-minute grace period is considered substantial given that most golf clubs require golfers to be present on the course 30 minutes prior, so get here early!


Leaving Too Many Balls on the Practice Green

Don’t hog the real estate of the practice green by putting down one too many golf balls. If you’re the only one there, sure, go crazy by flooding your space with golf balls, but if the area is crowded, one or two practice balls should suffice.


Searching for a Lost Ball for More Than Five Minutes

It’s understandable that golf balls are quite pricey and you’re willing to risk a poison ivy rash, but there’s a big difference making an honest effort and overemphasizing the point. Once you’ve looked for the ball for five minutes, accept your golf ball loss and move on with the game.


Constantly on Your Phone

In 2019, sometimes, we can’t help but be on our phones since we’d like to check the score of a game or send a quick text in between holes. However, habitually keeping your phone glued to your hand goes against the idea of hanging with friends or simply enjoying nature. Being on your phone all the time gives off the vibe that you’d rather be anywhere else than on the green.


If you just so happen to slip up with one of these golf etiquette examples from time to time, it’s alright. It happens, but don’t make it a habit. Want to learn more about golf etiquette or our golf club memberships? Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff at our golf course in Fort Lauderdale.