Albatross, ballooning, caddy, duffer…if you’re new to golf, you’re most likely scratching your head trying to figure out what these terms mean. On the other hand, you may just be a walking golf dictionary as you’ve played golf for a good portion of your life. Either way, it’s important to know popular terms in golf to easily follow golfing news or just a simple conversation in a cigar room, per se. You’re in luck as our knowledgeable staff of our Fort Lauderdale golf course can better inform you on common golf terms you should know.


An ace is probably the most common golf term you should know. It’s a hole-in-one or a score of one shot in a hole.


The stance the player takes on to prepare to make a stroke.


Also known as a “double eagle,” an Albatross is a score of 3-under-par for a single hole.

Back Nine

The final 9 holes of an 18-hole golf course


The disproportionate amount of climbing or lift for a shot surpassing its normal course. Once shot into the wind, the shot can fall short of the desired distance.


A scoring term describing a score of 1-under par for a single hole


Someone who assists a golf player by carrying their bag of golf clubs and/or gives the player helpful tips and the status of the game.


The main building of a golf course which can house the pro shop, dining area, locker rooms, lounge, offices, and so on.


A person or group overseeing the competition, or the course if no competition is taking place.

Depth Charge

A putt that has lingered softly down a slippery slope and meant to just get near rather than a score the mark.


A scenario where the ball is discharged by hand with an extended arm-shoulder height to only be put back in the game after being lifted under various conditions within the guidelines of golf.


A bad shot where the ball never leaves the ground, caused by hitting the top or side of the ball or hitting the ground firmly behind the ball.

Embedded Ball

A ball caught in the ground due to the impact it received (aka plugged).


A slender pole about 7 feet tall with a flag attached to the end. The flagstick is to be placed inside the cup to notate the position of the hole.


An unadjusted score before a handicap has been utilized.

Half Shot

A shot initiated with not as much force as a full swing, mainly to limit distance, trajectory, and spin.


Though these are the most common golf terms you should know, the full golf vocabulary is quite extensive. If you want to learn more about golf terms you should know or about any of our golf membership deals, give us a call! Feel free to contact our knowledgeable staff at Deer Creek Golf Club – one of the best golf clubs in Florida – to find out more.