The time has finally come when you and your “special someone” are celebrating the start of the next chapter in life: your wedding day. Before you get hitched, of course there’s the planning bit. You may be opting for a DIY wedding, as opposed to hiring an experienced wedding planner, to make more room in your budget for your ideal wedding. There’s no shame in this, more and more couples are choosing to plan their wedding nowadays. However, DIY wedding planning isn’t for everyone; there are some pros and cons to doing it yourself. As you hunt for wedding venues in South Florida during your DIY wedding planning, choose our South Florida country club. We can accommodate any type of wedding, DIY or not.


DIY Wedding Planning Pros

There are a few pros to DIY wedding planning that can make it worthwhile. You can make the wedding of your dreams come to fruition since nobody understands your vision better than YOU! Here are some ways DIY wedding planning can work out:

Save Money

Weddings are not cheap. As soon as anything is associated with the word “wedding,” the price magically inflates. For example, a regular cake can skyrocket to $400 if a bakery finds out it’s a “wedding” cake. Couples want to make sure they have the perfect wedding, and businesses tended to take advantage of their eagerness.

Opting for DIY wedding planning can help you save money in more ways than you know. Designing and printing your own invitations and thank-you cards can save you hundreds of dollars. Craft stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby offer so many components you can use for mementos, so you can save on decorations.

Need floral arrangements? Buy flowers wholesale, arrange them yourself and you can save thousands (yes, thousands). There are plenty of ways to save money when you choose DIY wedding planning. You just need to do research, keep your eye out for deals, and prepare to put in a little extra effort!

Show off Your Creative Side

Another advantage to DIY wedding planning are the personal touches you can add. This is YOUR wedding and the ceremony and reception should reflect your personality. Create a wedding playlist that includes you and your future spouse’s favorite love songs.  Write invitations out by hand to make them more personalized and special. Our country club is one of the many wedding venues in South Florida that encourages couples to let their personalities shine through wedding themes and decorations.


DIY Wedding Planning Cons

As mentioned before, DIY wedding planning isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay! However, before you decide to plan your own wedding there are some factors you must consider:

It’s Time Consuming

As much as DIY wedding planning can help you save money, it can also be time-consuming. Most couples want tasks done quickly for a small price and this usually isn’t feasible. Everything from creating your own invitations, finding flowers at a wholesale price, and creating your decorations can take up a lot of your time.

If you know you’re the type of person who gets stressed from having to get a lot done in very little time, hire a professional wedding planner to help you save time and stress.


After creating a to-do list for your DIY wedding, just reading it over can stress you out, which can lead to procrastination. Tasks such as writing invitations by hand or finding the perfect decorations in the right colors become difficult and discouraging.  Putting off certain tasks until the last minute can leave you exhausted and frantic up until it’s time to walk down the aisle. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to ask for help from a friend or family member.


DIY wedding planning has its ups and downs, but what really matters is the union of love that takes place on your wedding day. Considering our South Florida country club for your upcoming wedding? Contact our professional staff at our Deerfield country club to book our venue today!