4 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Sometimes, even the most anal retentive person can make mistakes, but when it comes to wedding planning, it’s extremely important not to do so. Your wedding day is supposed to be unforgettable and magical, and the more mistakes you make while wedding planning, the more likely this special day will turn out to be a complete mess. Don’t worry, our staff of wedding experts at our Deer Creek golf course have your back! We can show you some of the most common planning mistakes future “Mr. & Mrs.” make.


Neglecting a Budget

One of the most common wedding planning mistakes most people make is not setting a fixed budget. Creating a wedding budget is paramount in order to keep you from spending more than you want. In some cases, the wedding venue or dress you love – or both – may end up being a higher cost than you expected. Setting a budget will give you a better financial guideline and save you a large amount of stress towards the big day.


Not So Fast – Don’t Say “Yes” to the Dress Just Yet

Before you start picking out a designer dress you’ve been eyeing in wedding magazines for the past couple of months, hit the brakes and start picking a wedding venue in Florida first. Wedding venues in South Florida can get booked fast, especially for the springtime. There aren’t many ideal wedding venues like our South Florida golf course, however, there are many retailers that will have your perfect wedding dress in stock!


Not Hiring a Videographer

Saving money will be on the top of your list when wedding planning. However, when planning a wedding, what you do not want to do is skip out on hiring a professional videographer. According to Zola’s Wedding Planning Survey, one-third of newlyweds say they regret not spending more money on a videographer.1 So, make sure to not be a statistic and spend wisely on a professional videographer.  


Getting Too Stressed Out

We understand – planning this very important event in your lives can get quite stressful. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep breathing and maintain your sanity while you have so much on your plate. Getting yourself overly stressed about the wedding can make you and others around you go nuts. Keep your stress levels low by prioritizing what’s more important to you, whether it’s the cake, the dress, floral arrangements, or another aspect of your special day. Don’t forget to breathe!


Want to learn more about how to prevent common wedding planning mistakes? Then feel free to ask our friendly staff at our golf course in Fort Lauderdale for advice.



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