Common Myths About Wedding Planning

Planning out a wedding can be a hard, but fun task. It includes booking wedding venues in South Florida, finding the right wedding cake, the perfect wedding dress, and so on. However, it’s important to be easy on yourself while planning your wedding so that you don’t end up a wreck, mentally, on your special day. There are many prevalent wedding myths you don’t necessarily have to follow to have “the perfect wedding.” The wedding experts of our South Florida country club can explain the common myths about wedding planning you don’t need to follow.


White Wedding Dress

If you think you need to wear a big white dress and veil to fulfill this important moment in your life – you don’t. Don’t feel pressured by common wedding planning myths to wear something that you really don’t want. For the wedding dress, you don’t have to wear white. Many bridal fashion designers create wedding dresses in various colors – dusty blue, blush pink, and even floral prints. You can pair these dresses with bold colors from a sash or cardigan. The same applies to a veil – you don’t necessarily have to wear one. Good alternatives for a veil include hair clips with feathers or flower crowns, which could also open up new possibilities for your hairstyle.


DIY Wedding Planning Saves Money

Don’t be mistaken in thinking DIY wedding planning is the cheapest route. If you don’t do any research pertaining to DIY wedding planning, you might end up buying more paper, flowers, and other materials in bulk than you need. Purchasing materials to create your personalized stationery and flower arrangements can wrack up the total cost of your wedding, which may surpass your budget. Doing your research can help prevent you from spending more on DIY wedding planning than a professional wedding planner.


Invite Those who Invited You

This is your special day – no one else’s. Feeling pressured to invite a friend or associate who invited you to their wedding is a common wedding planning myth you don’t need to succumb to. It’s a very special day, therefore, you should invite those closest to your heart. If you’re not able to get everyone on the guest list, let them know upfront that due to space and budgeting reasons, you must curb the guest list.


If you’d like to learn more about common wedding planning myths or would like to book our Deer Creek golf course for an upcoming wedding, feel free to contact our South Florida golf course to learn more about our wedding services.