Being More Consistent at Golf

Don’t we all want to be more consistent at golf? Consistency can help increase our chances of scoring shots as “practice makes perfect.” However, it’s vital to remember that no golfer can display consistency on every single shot. When watching professional players on the PGA Tour, you’ll see they can still hit bad shots, no matter how much they practiced prior. However, our professional staff at our Deer Creek golf course are happy to show you how to be more consistent at golf.

Warm Up

Just hitting the South Florida golf course straight off the golf cart simply won’t do. Unfortunately, most amateur golfers flunk on warming up before starting a game. Create a good warm-up routine before you approach the first tee to warm up your muscles to help you get into the “zone.” Your warm-up can consist of anything from stretching to hitting a few shots before the actual game.


The key to consistency in golf is your address, which includes the grip, balance, and alignment. There is no universal, correct grip, yet make sure your hand positions remain consistent, no matter the grip you choose. In addition, keep your knees limber as you let your arms hang straight down to shift your weight to balls of your feet. This alignment should help you maintain an address that facilitates your swing.


Too much movement on your downswing can hinder you from being more consistent at golf. To prevent this, maintain a certain amount of weight between your feet. Envision a vertical line reaching upward from between your feet, as it serves as a marker where your hips should slide to the right during your right backswing and vice versa. This method eliminates the additional hip slides while improving your balance for your swing, making it a great key to consistency in golf.


Rhythm is the most overlooked tip to being more consistent at golf. According to the researcher, John Novosel, professional golfers’ (both female and male) backswings were three times longer than their downswing due to rhythm.1 Such players can effortlessly count from one to four, therefore, making it that much easier to gain consistency in their swing rhythm.


Want to learn more about how to be more consistent at golf or about our golf club in Florida? Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff to find out more and we’ll respond ASAP!



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