Star-Spangled Weekend: Avoid Golf Burnout

With a Fourth of July weekend fast approaching, you’re probably going over your schedule of obligatory BBQs and parties while trying to tie in your golf matches. Having so much on your plate this weekend can take a toll on your body, especially while spending so much time in the heat. The golfing enthusiasts of our Deerfield Beach, Florida golf course discuss how to avoid golf burnout during this Star Spangled Weekend.

Stay Hydrated

First things first: stay hydrated if you want to avoid golf burnout this weekend. We’re at the peak of the summer season, which means high temperatures will rapidly increase the risk of dehydration. To be strict on your water intake, set up a schedule to guzzle around 12 ounces of water per three holes, for example. Also, don’t forget to keep healthy snacks like protein bars and trail mix handy so you can get the nutrients needed to keep you going throughout the game.


No, we don’t mean “throw shade” to avoid golf burnout. Throughout your rounds, try to stay in the shade as much as you can to stay cool and refreshed. Minimize your exposure to the sun rays as much as possible except when necessary to make your shots so you don’t overheat.

Keep Your Balance

When you grow fatigued during a round, it’s easy to lose your balance. So, a good golf match play tip is to be mindful of your balance so you can maintain a proper swing with rhythm. After all, swinging is 75 percent tempo and 25 percent finishing pose once your ball lands.

Don’t Shorten

Make sure to pair tempo and rhythm with a full backswing to keep a perfect shot this weekend. Do whatever is needed to make a full turn while turning your lead shoulder back as it aligns with your chin.

Have Fun!

Even if you don’t make that perfect shot, remember: this is a four-day weekend, so don’t stress yourself out if you make a bad shot. Just relax and consider this festive time of the year a break from the real world!

During this Star-Spangled Weekend, make sure to stay hydrated – and most of all – have fun! If you’d like to learn more information about our golf course or our inventory of used golf clubs to help save money this summer, feel free to reach out to our golf enthusiasts at Deer Creek Golf Club.