5 Tips to Improve Your Golf Setup

Of all the full-swing fundamentals in golf, the setup position is probably the most overlooked. It’s important to always keep in mind of how much your setup influences your swing, and perfecting it can increase your chances of success. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional athlete in order to perfect your golf setup. Our knowledgeable staff at our Deerfield country club can go into further tips to improve your setup while enjoying some South Florida golf.


Initially, your body (from the feet all the way up to the eyes) should be parallel with the target line. If viewed from behind, a right-handed golfer seems to be aiming slightly left of the goal. The best way to visualize this strategy is by imagining a railroad track with your body inside the tracks and the ball outside the rail.

Feet Position

Another tip to improve your golf setup is to keep your feet shoulder-width apart for the middle irons. For a short-iron stance, it should be two inches smaller, while the long-irons should be two inches broader. You goal-side foot should be ported towards the target at a 20 to 40-degree angle, giving your body the rotation it needs for the downswing. Keep the back foot squared to create suitable hip rotation on the backswing. Maintaining adequate flexibility and body rotation are great golf tips for beginners looking to improve other aspects of their game.


One great tip to improve your setup is to keep your weight well-balanced. Concentrate your weight on the balls of the feet, instead of the heels or toes. When using short irons, 60 percent of your weight needs to be on the goal-side foot. With middle-iron shots, your weight should be distributed 50/50 between each foot. As for long-iron shots, keep 60 percent of your weight on your backside foot. The proper weight distribution should help you swing the club at the correct angle on the backswing.

Arms & Hands

Keep your hands hanging just in front of your pants zipper just before you make the shot. Your hands-to-body distance depends on what club you’re hitting. Position the hands a palm’s width from the body when using short and middle irons, and a palm’s length for long irons.

Have any further questions about improving your setup or other golf tips for beginners? Feel free to reach out to our friendly staff at our South Florida golf club.