2019 Wedding Trends

Now that it’s the beginning of the year and your special someone proposed to you in 2018, it’s now time to start looking for wedding trends for the new year. Wedding trends change year after year, making wedding theme trends in 2019 unique in their own way. Each year, wedding themes evolve through the décor, fashion statements, and floral arrangements. With each coming year, themes are more unique to the couple taking part in matrimony. So, what 2019 wedding reception trends can you expect to see in the new year? We’ll let you know so that you can choose the best for you and your spouse to hold at our South Florida country club.


Dark and Edgy

Contrary to the popular theme of “light and bright,” going dark and edgy for your wedding reception will be in-style. Over the years, weddings have become edgier with moodier accents to contrast the typical soft, romantic décor along with bright photography. Couples are becoming bolder when it comes to choosing and mixing colors. Darker colors for receptions are one the top wedding trends for the new year.  



Of course, everyone has heard of minimalism. So why not bring it over to your wedding reception? This is one of the 2019 wedding reception trends that not only looks simplistic, but it can also save you some bucks as well. You won’t have to put in much effort in wedding planning as all you have to do is pick three monochromatic colors and clean lines. As our South Florida country club is a neutral setting, this 2019 wedding trend won’t look out of place.


Back to Basics

While unconventional, edgy 2019 wedding trends are on the rise, there are still couples who would flock to the classic wedding theme, and there’s nothing wrong with that! The classic theme includes traditional design accents with a classic ballroom wedding reception area, an important wedding element that can be found at our country club. So, have fun picking out monogrammed cloth napkins, crystal stemware, silver candlesticks, and more.


Choosing the right 2019 wedding trend is up to you and your special someone. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, so have fun choosing whichever 2019 wedding reception trend you’re looking for. Have any questions about upcoming wedding plans at our South Florida country club? Feel free to reach out to our professionals at Deer Creek Golf Club.