Unique, Fun, Interesting Golf Gifts for Father’s Day 2018

Deer Creek Golf Club is here to discuss gifts for the dad who golfs, for the father who loves an early morning round, for the man who knows that golf is the perfect way to ruin a good walk.

Golf Crate Logo

Gift: The Golfer’s Crate

Price: $99

Where: Order from ManCrates.com

Description: Man Crates delivers a treasure chest filled with some of the best themed products straight to your door. The Golfer’s Crate is a Man Crate filled with golf theme greatness. The box includes a Chuck Rodent golf club cover, DivPro 6-in-1 tool, golf towel, soft longs, bag of golf tees, sunflower seeds, an Arnold Palmer, and a Caddyshack instructional DVD.

For the Dad Who: Has everything. Man Crates make the perfect golf gifts for Father’s Day if you just aren’t sure what dad wants. There’s no way he won’t like a few items in this box.

Customized Golf Tees

Gift: Customized Tees

Price: $15 for 100 (approx)

Where: Anywhere online (Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Description: Perhaps one of the more thoughtful golf gifts for Father’s Day, customized tees can be hilarious, practical, and thoughtful. For the dad who runs his own business, you can customize golf tees to display his website name. For the dad with a persona, you can customize the golf tees to say something funny or goofy. Some examples include: “See Ya”, “Putter Face”, “Weapons of Grass Destruction”, “Sultan of Swing”.

For the Dad Who: Who has his own business or persona.

Deer Creek Golf Club - Golfing With Dad

Gift: Golf With Dad on Father’s Day

Price: $60 – $200

Where: Anywhere Golf

Description: Golf gifts for Father’s Day don’t have to be physical. Though paying for a round can be expensive, the memories can last forever. There are lots of great golf courses in Florida that have lower rates through June. It’s a great gift for you and for the old man.

Whatever you do, don’t let him win; give the old man a challenge.

For the Dad Who: Would rather have an experience or one-on-one time.

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Gift: Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

Price: $25

Where: Uncommon Goods, Amazon

Description: Whiskey chillers shaped as golf balls. These chillers are made of non-porous soapstone, so they retain the cold longer. These are a gentleman’s selection as one of the classiest golf gifts for Father’s Day.

For the Dad Who: likes to golf when he drinks, and not the other way around.

Golf bags

Gift: A New Golf Bags

Price: $99

Where: Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon

Description: The reason a new bag is the ideal Father’s Day golf gift is because most dads need a new golf bag. They aren’t as expensive as you might think. A new golf bag will always be appreciated, and almost guaranteed to blow dads new pair of golf socks off because of the size! (socks not included)

For the Dad Who: Needs a new bag, desperately.