Spring Golf Trips – Planning a Great South Florida Golf Holiday

Planning a Spring golf trip with your buddies is the best idea you’ve had in a while. A trip down to sunny South Florida will be filled with more than a few good memory-making moments – and the golf is pretty good too.

If you’re planning a spring golf trip, then we recommend choosing South Florida for more than a few reasons.

  • The weather is (mostly) predictable.
  • We have more golf courses than any other state [1]
  • There’s more to do besides just golfing
  • Florida is a vacation destination

Planning a spring golf trip is better than just taking a vacation because there’s purpose to your trip. So, get your buddies together and plan a great South Florida golf holiday. Here’s how:


Get an email chain or group text going. Include everyone, even the grumps who refuse to participate. Don’t expect anyone to google any course names you give them, send links to the South Florida golf courses that you find so everyone can easily click and see the course for themselves.

Pick Your Dates

Spring is a time of year, what you need is definite dates. Send ideas for an extended weekend. Most people can’t sacrifice a week and a short weekend is your last options. Try for a Thursday arrival and Monday departure. Work in from there. There are 5 weekends in March 2018 and that’s plenty of time to plan your Spring golf trip.

Find the Right Golf Course

Deer Creek Golf Club hosts players from all over the world. Most golf courses in South Florida are very accommodating to travelers. Call the club ahead of time and ask if they can offer any packages.

Plan More Than Just Golf

Take advantage of your time in So Flo. Go to the beach, check out down town Miami once, then spend the rest of the trip on down town Fort Lauderdale because it’s much better. Groupon has lots of deals, packages, and is great place to get ideas for your golf holiday.


[1]: My Golf Spy – STUDY: Golf Courses & Difficulty by State