5 Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions for Golfers

New year’s resolutions all suffer from the same problems. Most new year’s resolutions are just far too ambitious or not fun. Yes, you should enjoy your resolutions, even just a little bit. New year’s resolutions for golfers usually include: lowering your handicap by 10 points, practicing every weekend, or traveling to Augusta to watch The Masters.

For most golfers, those resolutions require far too much investment. Instead we discuss 5 simple, attainable, and fun golf new year’s resolutions. We can all try to at least get three of these ticked off the list.

These are by far the best we could find, and all agree upon. Every golfer can accomplish one of these new year’s resolutions this year.

1 – Introduce a Friend to Golf

Most of us know someone who we know would love to play golf if they just only gave it a try. You’re never too old to learn golf. Plus, learning with a friend is a great way to avoid picking up bad habits.

Make it your resolution to introduce one of your favorite past times to someone who you think may really like it.

2 – Play More This Year

We all want to play more golf. Every time we finally make it out onto the course, we usually remember why we love it so much. Sometimes, by the end of the day we vow to never ruin a good walk that again. But usually, we are right back at it.

If you have access to a golf course in South Florida, well you don’t have too many excuses for not playing golf. The weather’s great, the prices are right and the best golf courses in South Florida are some of the best in the world.

Another one of the easily attainable new year’s resolutions for golfers should be to play more!

3 – Get A Golf Membership

This is a chicken or egg argument. Will buying a golf membership guarantee I play more, or do I have to play more to justify a golf membership?

The answer is simple: both. You can ensure you get the most out of your membership by following these rules:

  • Set a Schedule: You will always golf the third Sunday of the Month.
  • Track Your Progress: Keep your score cards and track your handicap improvements.
  • Take Full Advantage: Use your golf membership for practice and for nights at the club house.

If you have never had a golf club membership, then we highly recommend signing up; it’s quite an experience.

4 – Plan A Golf Trip

Get your golf buddies together and plan a golf trip this year. It doesn’t take much. Pick a location that you would all love to visit, and plan to play at one or maybe two games of golf on that area’s most luxurious golf courses.

Spend the money to play on a great course!

5 – Enter a Local Golf Tournament

Of all the new year’s resolutions for golfers on this post, this will likely be the most difficult one to follow through on. But you can do it. Florida golf season begins again in Fall 2018. Take this time to practice and enter yourself in a tournament by the end of the year.