Welcome Tay “Ty” Dubocq – the New Director of Catering At Deer Creek

Everyone at Deer Creek Golf Club is so happy to welcome our new Director of Catering, Tay Dybocq! Tay is an experienced wedding planner, catering manager, events coordinator, and all-round wonder woman. She has a knack for making dream weddings come true and creating memorable mid-week conferences and events.

Tay comes to us from the Palm Beach Marriot Resort & Spa. All said and done, Tay has over a decade of experience in South Florida events venue coordination and international sales.

We asked her to talk a little about herself and what get her into event planning. This is what she told us:

Q: What drew you to get into catering and event planning?

TD: Since I was a young girl, I have always enjoyed hosting and planning a party! I took upon myself the planning of family events, school dances and activities, neighborhood holiday parties, summer BBQs, and all other year-round gatherings; it was then when I decided that I wanted to focus my career in Catering and Event & Wedding Planning.

Q: What do you think is the most important ingredient/element of successful event planning?

TD: It’s all in the details! From the moment you start planning your event – from vision, structuring a planning timeline, meeting with all vendors, to tracking RSVPs and Vendor Payments, etc., it’s important to be organized and detailed to ensure a successful event.

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure desert?

TD: Oh my! You put me on the spot! Just kidding! I will never say no to crème brûlée, tiramisu, or affogato.

Q: What was your favorite unplanned moment in an event you have planned?

TD: Funny you ask me this… this was actually my own 30th Birthday. I had this entire vision in my mind of what I wanted my 30th Birthday to be! I had theme, menu planned, invitations ordered, cake designed, everything! Then my husband cancelled the party and told me “you are not going to plan your own birthday party.” So, I threw away all invitations and sadly (maybe even mad) I stopped planning the entire event. Long story short, it was the best surprise party EVER! I was not in control and I was completely surprised by my husband, friends, and family who delivered my vision in a way that I would’ve never imagined. It was a fun day!

Q: Do you love or hate Pinterest?

TD: I like it! I occasionally use it as a source of inspiration to get my creative mind going.

Q: What is one pitfall that amateur event planners fall into often?

TD: I would say understanding contracts/catering terms and event budgeting.

Q: What quick advice would you give a couple who is planning a wedding by themselves?

TD: Hire professionals! Industry professionals gain their reputation because they consistently offer outstanding services to their clients. A professional vendor will take great care of you and your guests, and will take a huge burden off your shoulders as a couple. Also, enjoy the process! It is a once in a lifetime event – the day you have been planning since you were young and it’s a reason for celebration. Everything you do in the planning process should be an enjoyable experience. Trust your professionals and let them guide you – sit back, make choices, and enjoy every moment!

We also asked Tay Dybocq if she has any words she’d like to say to our lovely readers:

TD: I hope that all of us here at Deer Creek Golf & Country Club have the opportunity to work with you in making sure your day is perfect and just like you imagined!

For more information, call us at our South Florida golf course location and ask to speak with Tay directly.