An Ode to Golfers

To our fellow golfers, we thought we’d share some an ode to golfers or two for you to read. Remember these odes to golfers next time you’re playing a corporate golf tournament or having some good old fun at your South Florida golf course.

1. Is There A Golf Course In Heaven by Harold R Hunt SR

Is there a golf course in heaven
Is there a golf course in heaven
O’lord of mine. 
I have cheated 
I have lied 
I have killed
I have steal
I have made people sad 
I have made people mad.
But I just want to know one thing before I go.
Is the a golf course in heaven? 


2. Golf Poem by H H Rutledge

Some might say that God had a plan
For every other woman, child and man,
To grab a club and hurry, hurry
Onto the green no later than early.
To hit little balls into the air.
Where do they fall? Somewhere out there.
‘Twas Babe, Palmer, The Bear, and Ben..
Now Tiger’s throngs are puttin’ to win.
I know not why it rules their souls,
This little ball.. this little hole.
In short I’m wet.. I stand ashake.
My favorite ball fell in the lake.


3. Golf Of Course by Ima Ryma

Two craggy Scots, Angus and Hank,
Had golfed a round of eighteen holes.
In the clubhouse, they sat and drank
Scotch to warm their bodies and souls.
It was a blustery raw day.
The wind howled fierce off the North Sea.
Sleet whipped down from skies dark and gray,
As nasty as nasty can be.
Hank and Angus thawed out some more.
Ice melted from their beards, and drips
Fell into puddles on the floor.
Angus asked Hank in between sips.
“Same time next week we be hittin’?”
“Aye,” Hank said, “Weather permittin’.”