U.S. Open 2017: New Venue & New Rules

The 2017 U.S. Open is going to break hearts and break records when it commences Monday, June 12. This year, the PGA Tour fixture is being marred by some changes that have upset vocal golfers over the past few weeks.

The New Venue for the U.S. Open

This year’s 2017 U.S. Open will be held at Erin Hills. This quote from the Erin Hills’ website explains why that’s such a big deal for golf courses that don’t require memberships everywhere. 

Erin Hills will be the sixth public-access course to the host the championship (joining Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, Bethpage, Torrey Pines and Chambers Bay).

The problem? Well, this is going to break records as the longest U.S. Open in history. Already, golfing pros have come forward and urged the United States Golf Association change the course. A lot of golfers agree that Erin Hill is not a challenge, including Adam Scott.

It’s “just plain brutal” in terms of skill level, Scott said.

The USGA has decided that the 2017 U.S. Open will, indeed, take place at Erin Hills this year. 

New Rules for the U.S. Open

The legendary Jack Nicklaus said in a recent interview: “I think that the USGA has gotten away from their identity with what they’re doing. I do.” Nicklaus is referring to the golden era of golf, when the US Open was a real test of skill. Perhaps, this remark came from the reports that too many pro golfers were complaining about the 2017 U.S. Open’s new venue.

The past few USGA tournaments have borne witness to what same may call a lack of competence and tact in deciding new rules and delivering decisions.

Two most recent examples would be Dustin Johnson’s penalty and Lexi Thompson. Read more about the most famous golf controversies in golf.

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