Are South Florida Summer Golf Memberships Worth It?

South Florida summer golf memberships are discounted golf rates handed out every year. It’s definitely worth it, 100%, no question. However, there are naysayers out there that will disagree. So, listen up naysayers, this article is for you!

Why Are Summer Golf Club Memberships in South Florida Cheaper?

Let’s address this once and for all. South Florida is a little on the warm side. What some may call hot and humid, the local, real South Floridians call a nice day for golf.

Summer golf memberships, specifically those on South Florida golf courses, are tailored towards the locals. We expect that most of you are used to the heat at this point. You’re better off taking the summer discount than not playing at all for five months.

Why Even Bother Getting a Membership?

Why bother getting a summer golf membership when you can just go from course to course all summer long, while never having to worry about a membership fee?

  1. You’ll spend a lot more golfing on one course that you like, than multiple courses all summer long.
  2. You have a better chance at improving your game and getting that handicap under control by maintaining a routine at a local golf course.
  3. Because you’re a golfer, and staying at home all summer is not your idea of a great time. Right?

How Much Are Summer Golf Memberships?

We don’t mean to brag, but Deer Creek Golf Club has the best summer golf membership prices out there. We give much more, for much less.

Still unsure? Take a look at these two articles and decide if you should get a summer golf membership and when you should plan your summer golf trip to South Florida. Go the extra mile and take a tour of our championship golf course in South Florida today!