Quick Ways to Stay Focused on The Golf Course

The secret to stay focused on the golf course has as much to do with what you are doing on the course, and what you are doing off the course. Mental focus is a pyramid, built brick by brick. The good news is that there are quick ways to get focused on your local public golf course the next time you play.

  1. Develop a Mantra

Self help gurus like Time Ferris and Tony Robbins all use mantras to stay in the zone. They use these mantras before going on stage, but you can use these mantras to focus on your putting technique.

The quick way to get into the zone is to use a song, something you can hum, or even just sing along with in your head.

Get it? Got it? Great!

  1. Put the Beer/Cocktail Down

Really? You want to stay focused on the golf course, but you are 4 beers deep before the back nine? It’s not going to happen. Mental focus while golfing requires clarity.

Save the drinks for the 19-hole at the clubhouse.

  1. Evaluate the Course Before Your Turn

While your opponent is swinging, take time to evaluate the course or putting green. You’ll get a few extra minutes to start focusing so when you are up to swing or putt, you will already be 2 steps into your focused Zen.

  1. Dress Comfortably

You know what really gets in the way of your mental focus? Not feeling comfortable. Your golf clothes, shoes, and gloves will all play an important role in allowing you to stay focused on the golf course.

Avoid wearing clothes or hats until you have had a chance to walk around with them. Take any new golf clothes to the driving range first and test them out.