How Many of These Putting Mistakes Are You Making?

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Golf Lessons, Golfing Tips | 0 comments

Every avid golfer knows putting is vital and often overlooked by beginners and amateur golfers. Putting mistakes can cost you an entire game. How many putting mistakes are you making? If you are making common putting mistakes, go out and get some practice on the green of your favorite golf course in South Florida: Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach!

  1. Lack of Confidence

More often than not, it is the easy putts that we miss. That scene from Caddyshack comes to mind. When Rodney Dangerfield yells just as Ted Knight is about to putt a 3-footer: “A thousand bucks, you miss that shot!” Knight misses and throws his putter. “You can owe me!” What was Knight’s putting mistake? Lack of confidence. He changed his game when everyone was watching and every pro on any golf course in South Florida will tell you: confidence and focus is key. Speaking of focus…brings us to our next point.

  1. Losing Focus

Channel your inner Ty Webb. Chevy Chase’s incredible putting skills in the famous putting scene in Caddyshack are out of this world; but, even he misses a putt. Chase’s Ty Webb is always calm and focused, but he made the common putting mistake of slightly losing focus at times.

  1. Holding on Too Tight

Ease up tiger! You are on a golf course in South Florida, this should be relaxing! Holding too tight is going to allow your hands to influence the putting swing, when it is supposed to be all in the hips!

  1. Not Reading the Green

Reading the green may look cool, but it is more than that. Learning to correctly read a green is difficult, and the best way to learn is with a golf pro. It may be best to come to Deer Creek Golf Club to speak with Brian Curran, and learn firsthand how to read a green and avoid simple putting mistakes.