Keep Warm on the Golf Course This Winter

Contrary to popular belief, golf is not solely a summer sport. Here at Deer Creek, like most South Florida golf courses, wintertime is our busy season. However, it can get a little chilly in the first few months of the year. Unless you want to try your swing with mittens and a wind breaker, you have to find some sort of compromise between comfort and functionality. Check out each winter golf tip from Deer Creek to find your solution!

Winter Golf Gear

Keeping warm on the golf course does not require you to go to a golf pro shop and break the bank, but it does help to invest some money in quality gear. Wear an extra pair of socks because you lose most of your heat through your extremities. Get a nylon golf jacket and a snug fitting golf cap, as well. Pro tip: keep your hands warm to ensure your swing stays consistent.

Use Softer Balls

Striking a cold, hard gold ball will feel like hitting a steel poll with a baseball bat. This winter golf tip will not only save you from hurting your hands, but will also improve your distance and control when you play during the colder months.

Plan Golf Trips to Warmer Climates

One of the reasons why most people come to South Florida golf courses in the winter is the warmer weather. Though this may not be the winter golf tip you may want to hear, it is the best way to have fun playing golf during this time of year. Join us at Deer Creek Golf Course this winter and play a round of golf without freezing over.

Keeping warm on the golf course is not as challenging for golfers who are accustomed to the frigid northern winters. However, for those who frequent South Florida golf courses, anything below 72 degrees can be unbearable. Try out a winter golf tip and join us out on the green!