Breakdown of the PGA Jones Cup 2017

It’s that time of year again. Although not necessarily a major tournament, the PGA Jones Cup 2017 is a tournament well known in the golfing community. If you study PGA Golf Management, then you want to compete in this tournament every year.

The PGA Jones Cup 2017 is hosted in South Florida every year because of the favorable weather conditions.

When: November 13 – 15, 2017

Where: PGA Jones Cup golfers will enjoy time on a sunny South Florida golf course! The 2017 PGA Jones Cup will take place on the Wanamaker Course in Port Saint Lucie, Florida; only 20 miles north of Deer Creek Golf Club.

This year will mark the 16th occurrence of the PGA Jones Cup, always hosted on South Florida Golf Course, Wanamaker in Port Saint Lucie.

What: The Jones Cup is a 36-hole National Championship for PGA Golf Management Universities.

Who: The PGA Jones Cup 2017 will consist of 19 teams, 95 (5 from each school) golfers from universities that offer PGA Golf Management courses. Only students currently enrolled in the PGA Golf Management course are eligible to enter the tournament.

Why: The Jones Cup is named after Dr. S Roland Jones, the first PGA Golf Management program director, the man who pioneered this great program in 1985. Though Dr. Jones passed in 1997, his memory and what he has done for sport lives on in the annual PGA Jones Cup.

The PGA Jones Cup 2017 is an event that celebrates the game of golf itself. Student golfers act as ambassadors for the sport and get a small taste of the tournaments that they will likely manage once they graduate.

Students are graded on golf abilities as part of their degree requirements for PGA Golf Management, so these golfers are experienced in the sport.