4 Reasons the US Masters Tournament is So Prestigious

It’s that time of year again. When the Augusta National Golf Club is at the center of the world golf stage and this year’s competition is heating up as usual. Rather than just talk about the line-up and make the usual US Masters 2017 predictions, which are likely filling up the internet, let’s instead look at why the Masters Tournament is the most prestigious golf tournament in the world.

  1. The Augusta National Golf Club

The US Masters is the only tournament that is held at the same golf course every year, which means that golfers should know what to expect, as well as exactly how to play the course. The Augusta National golf club is one of the most recognizable and prestigious golf clubs in the world.

  1. The US Masters is First

The US Masters is the first golf tournament of the four majors, which makes it the golf tournament that sets the stage for the rest of the year.

  1. Player Invitations

Any golfer who wins the US Masters is automatically invited to play in the other 3 majors, making the US Maters not only prestigious, but also vital to the careers of many golfers.

  1. A Golf Tournament of Firsts

The US Masters was the first major golf tournament to host a 72-hole, 4-day game. It was the first to pair golfers, the first to be covered nationwide (by radio of course), and the first to use the par system we see in all golf tournaments today.

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