Who Will Win the Masters 2016

The green jacket is on the line! The Masters 2016 tournament is already underway and, among people asking who will win this year, predictions are surfacing. The lead contender may surprise you. Over an intense 4-day period in August, 89 golfers are taking the golf course greens at Augusta and everyone is trying to win the prestigious tournament. According to the championship golf course in Deerfield Beach, Forida, Deer Creek Golf Course, this is the lowest turnout for the tournament since 2002 when Tiger Woods claimed the title, the competition is still just as fierce.

Jordan Spieth – You can’t speculate on the winner of the 2016 Masters without Spieth making an appearance. Spieth started as the tournament leader. Does he have what it takes to last the entire tournament?

Jeff Babineau – Jeff has several wins under his belt. Most recently, it was 2010, 2012 and 2014. If the even rule holds up, we might be looking at this year’s Master winner.

Brentley Romine – Romine had a week off to rest before Augusta. Couple that with his game and momentum recently, he’s a definitely contender for this year’s prize.

Jim Herman – Who will win the Masters 2016? Well, it might be Jim with the way things are going. There’s a lot of talk across town that he’s due to make a comeback.

Honorable Mention: Bryson DeChambeau – Although he is a crowd favorite among Deerfield Beach golf course regulars, he still has some momentum to make up. Bryson is an up-and-coming talent that shows a lot of promise, and watching him play has been a highlight for a lot of spectators. News articles mention that he shows promise and have been streaming ever since tee off for the Masters.