Tiger Woods Returns to Golf

Woods is back! After over a year in hiatus from competitive golf, the man, the legend, the 120-mph golf swinger returns to the greens at the Hero World Challenge, his first competitive game in 15 months. Tiger Woods returns to golf with a few hesitations, but no delusions as discussed in his interview last week. Regardless, golf courses in South Florida, the Bahamas, and all the way to Scotland are happy to see his return!

Although many are thrilled to have Woods back in the game, some still have their doubts that he will continue to play in the years to come. Why? – This is not Wood’s first hiatus from golf. The golfer has had plenty of controversy surrounding him ever since his very public downfall in 2009. He has been up, but mostly down, and many pro golfers and analysts speculated that he would finish his career from that point on as a ceremony golfer; signing autographs and serving as stories for the older pros to tell newbies, “He was the best, revolutionized the sport.”

What Tiger Woods did on golf courses in South Florida and worldwide cannot be soon forgotten! He returns to golf with a new mindset we have not seen in his other returns; a clear sense of clarity and humility can be seen, which gives golf enthusiasts hope for Wood’s future in the sport.

“I’m entered in an event, I’m going to try to win this thing. I know that’s a tall order,” Woods said to the press before tee off at the Hero World Challenge.

One thing is for certain, as Tiger Woods returns to golf courses in South Florida and worldwide, everyone is excite to see what he will do next.