Summer Golf Trip Planning Guide

The sun is shining and winds are calm this summer in South Florida. If you are planning your summer golf trip in South Florida, be sure to pack accordingly and plan ahead. Take this opportunity to get away from the stresses back home and make your way to sunny South Florida’s championship golf course, Deer Creek Golf Club! Experience some fantastic golf courses at our pristine Deerfield Beach location, in close proximity to the coast! Our staff and golfing professionals have created a golf trip planning guide that will have you packed and ready to have an unforgettable summer golf trip in South Florida.

Best Golf Courses in South Florida – Ideally, you will be looking for not only the best golf course in South Florida to play at, but also reasonable prices and other amenities. After all, travel is an expense in itself already. Deer Creek Golf Club in Deerfield Beach runs a summer membership program for this very reason. Our summer golf membership packages are reasonably priced and offer the most bang for the buck – or the greenest!

Back-Up Golf Shoes and Gear – Chances are, there will be a few items misplaced over the course of your summer golf trip. Be sure to pack an extra pair of shoes and a few extra shirts. There are great deals to find at golf pro shops in South Florida, but it doesn’t hurt to keep spare shoes on-hand.

Travel Golf Bags – Depending on your method of travel, you’ll want to buy a suitcase that meets your needs. Hard cases are good for air travel because they keep your clubs save, but they are also expensive to check. Soft bags are good for car travel because they offer protection, but they also have the added benefit of taking up less space.

Happy Swinging golfers! We’ll see you this summer at Deer Creek Golf Club!