What is a Mulligan on the Golf Course?

Ah, the most infamous of all unwritten rules on golf courses; Deerfield Beach golf courses are no exception to this unwritten law. The Mulligan is part of all golf lexicon. You can hear the phrase mentioned on all golf courses, on all continents, all over the world. It has become a part of golf culture everywhere and it’s not going away anytime soon. Let’s take a look at the term and learn something new about this great golf standard.

For the new golfers that need a quick explanation to their question of what is a Mulligan on the golf course – a Mulligan is a do-over. A shot you give your golfing buddy after he/she complains enough about an unsuccessful shot. Most golfing groups will have their own versions and takes on the rules of a Mulligan. Legend has it that the Mulligan got its name in the early 1930’s from an amateur golfer named David Bernard Mulligan.  Apparently, Mr. Mulligan’s hands were still numb after a bumpy ride to the Canadian golf course before arriving to tee off. After an unsuccessful 1st tee, he did not miss a beat, he began setting up for another crack at teeing off. When his golfing comrades asked what he was doing he explained he deserved a do-over because his hands were numb.

That was the moment the Mulligan was born. All of Mr. Mulligan’s friends began referring to the do-over terms as a Mulligan. The rest is history and the term made its way all around the world, even to our Deer Creek Golf Course in Deerfield Beach.