J-Walk and The PGA Tour Championship

Deer Creek Golf Club would like to officially congratulate Jimmy Walker for a fantastic round of golf and for winning the Wanamaker Trophy! The PGA Tour Championship was difficult this year, and through the bad weather and all the ups and downs, one thing is certain: you couldn’t write this kind of action if you tried!

J-Walk played a bogey-less round on the Baltusrol golf course, which earned him the title of PGA Tour Champion 2016 and he played a great game. The Deer Creek Golf Club pros have seen some impressive games of golf, but we can all agree that Jimmy Walker played against incredible obstacles to take this year’s PGA Tour Championship title.

The uphill battle that was the PGA Tour Championship this year was astounding.

First, the officials allowed “preferred lies”, something that does not happen in majors. Bad weather leading up to the championship had drenched the lower course with four inches of rain during the days preceding the game.

Jason Day, a favorite to win the PGA Tour Championship, was hot on J-Walk’s heels. A three stroke lead Walker had created was close to a single shot lead on the 18th hole, and Walker felt the pressure. His first stroke put him in the rough to the far right of the hole, this played out like a movie more than real life.

On the back nine, Walker took breaks on the 11th and 17th to wait for the crowd noises from Jason Day’s shots to dissipate. The pressure was intense, but the 37-year-old, 70.251 average shooter took the trophy.

Those who were hoping for Jason Day to win (a victory that would put Day in the same camp as Woods as the only golfer to win the Wanamaker back to back on strokes), were disappointed sure, but no one can be disappointed in the action that unfolded this year. Congratulations Jimmy Walker!