How to Plan the Perfect Golf Trip to Florida

With the weather still closer to freezing than not in most regions of the country, the Deerfield Beach Florida golf course knows you may be fantasizing about warm weather and rolling golf greens. If you can’t seem to get golf off your mind, it may be time for you and your buddies to rally up and take a trip down to a sunny south Florida golf course and enjoy a warm and relaxing golf trip. There are many different forms of golf trips and there are pitfalls that can sour the overall experience. Deer Creek Golf Club is staffed by golfing professionals and enthusiasts and has compiled a list of key tips to a smooth, friction-free trip that will ensure peace of mind before, during, and after your golf trip to Florida.

– The Group. Choose a group of friends that play well with others and will mesh well as a group. Decide between wanting to have a more upscale, quiet, and relaxing golf trip versus a rowdy group trip spotted with golf and late night outings. Not everyone’s idea of a good time is the same, so invite like-minded people.

– Plan ahead. If you want to play at a golf course in south Florida that is popular, you will need to book your tee times ahead of time to ensure a spot on the greenway. Planning ahead also scores cheaper flights!

– Research. You will need to research flights and their policies on traveling with golf bags and clubs in order to make sure that there are no surprises when you get to the airport. While planning the perfect golf trip to Florida, look into transportation options that will be best suited for transporting your group and their golf bags and equipment. Efficiency outweighs style in this case.

– Accommodations. Consider which will be better suited for your golf group; a hotel or a condo/villa. If you rent a hotel room you will need to decide if you will share rooms or have individual rooms, while a villa will allow for more leniency and could be less expensive when divided.