Golfer’s Responsibility to the Golf Course

Deer Creek, a public golf course in Deerfield Beach, knows that there is always a little uncertainty when golfers play golf on a course that is not their home course. Although this can be exciting in regards to unknown challenges due to unfamiliarity of the holes, it can also cause a little uncertainty since you are unsure of your responsibilities to uphold the golf course’s standards. The golf professionals at Deer Creek Golf Course, a South Florida championship golf course, believe that there is a standard set of responsibilities that every golfer should know before stepping onto any unknown green.

– Exercise good judgment and common sense. Whether you are walking or driving a cart, avoid any actions that could cause damage to the course.

– Leave the golf course better than you found it. Even if you have not caused the damage to the green, be courteous and fix other’s mistakes. If you are raking your marks out of a bunker, roe another players markings that he or she left behind. Actions like this will help to maintain the golf course for all players, as well as promote a culture where preserving the golf course is a shared value and responsibility, as fellow golfers sharing the green will take note to your actions.

– Observe and follow all of the golf course’s rules. Make sure to stay in designated areas while driving golf carts and try to minimize as much impact on the greenway as possible. Fix all ball marks and divots, and rake bunkers after you finish taking your shot(s).

– Our championship golf course in South Florida also suggests that if you see other players disrespecting the rules of the course, notify them of the rules and their wrong doings, in a polite manner of course, in order to maintain and preserve the beauty of the course for all payers to enjoy.