Golf Terminology

The sport of golf has a long history that started in 1497 on the eastern coast of Scotland, in the Kingdom of Fife. With the passing of centuries, golf terminology has developed and evolved across the world. Have you ever wondered what all of those golf terms mean? Deer Creek Golf Club, a public golf course in Deerfield Beach has compiled a list of common golf terms to assist you on the golf course and in the clubhouse.

Ace.  A term that golfers use when a hole-in-one is made.

Albatross. A score of 3 under par on a particular hole. A very good score, but very hard and an extremely rare score.

Backswing. The back part of the swing that starts at the ground and is pulled back over the top of the golfer’s head.

Ball Marker. A token or small coin that is used to mark the position of the ball on the green. It is usually placed behind the ball to allow other players to putt from farther away without hitting other balls.

Birdie. A score of 1 under par on a particular hole.

Bogey. A score of 1 over par on that particular hole.

Bunker. Another name for a sand trap.

Caddie. A golf course employee who carries a player’s clubs during a round of golf and offers assistance in accordance with rules.

Chip shot. A short approach shot with a low trajectory, usually hit from close to the green.

Divot. A piece of ground that is pulled up by the club after it hits the golf ball.

Eagle. In golf, its means a score of 2 under par on a hole.

Handicap. The number of strokes a player may deduct from their actual score in order to adjust their score to a scratch golfer.

Hazard. Any sand trap, lake, pond, bunker, etc. that causes player difficulties on the course.

Par.  The number of strokes that is recommended to complete a particular hole.

Sandbagger. A golfer who purposefully tells other players he is a worse player than he is, in order to get an edge on the competition.

Tee. A wooden peg that is used to hold a ball off the green for driving.