Golf Pro Shop Must Haves

There is nothing like walking into a well-kept and fully stocked golf pro shop first thing in the morning, right before tee time. Simply nothing like it. If you happen to find yourself in the golf pro shop in Deerfield Beach, that is the one at the Deer Creek Golf Club, we are here to tell you what golf pro shop must haves you need to pick up.  

Did we mention that the Deer Creek Golf Pro Shop is open to all? No membership is required to shop here and talk to our professionals. 

When you pull your car up to the Deer Creek Golf Club valet, you will notice the golf pro shop is front and center. Our professional golfing staff knows how it can ruin your day if you forget to pack one item in your golf bag. So for any last-minute purchases or new golf players, here are a few of our choices for golf pro shop must haves: 

When You Arrive at Deer Creek 

Arrive early before tee off? Grab a bucket of golf balls for $6.00 (roughly 35 balls), or two buckets for $9.00. Use this time to get a few practice swings in and shake off the rust before the round. You can also pick up a sleeve of golf balls that are the cheapest of any other golf pro shop in Deerfield Beach.  

Ask one of our pros about golf club fittings if you are new to the game, need to rent some clubs, or are simply in the market for new clubs. 

Finally, be sure to get a handful of free golf ball tees, the most often forgotten golf pro shop must-have.  

On the Back Nine 

Stop back in for a cool drink and maybe a quick bite to eat at the snack bar before you head out onto the course again.  

After the Round 

Did you lose any balls in the rough? Before you leave, stock back up on golf balls and tees, and be sure to check out our selection of professional golf attire.